The Inner Beauty Retreat

Life-changing retreat on magical Ibiza. In five days you will reconnect to your essence: your true authentic self. You will learn how to start living life from the inside out and you will learn the best techniques available to reconnect to your inner peace, strength, and clarity at any time and place. This retreat is The Inner Beauty Retreat’s signature retreat and is open to all levels: beginners to intermediate.
We’ll be in silence until dinner. Silence is an amazing way to become aware of our thoughts and patterns, and with awareness comes the ability to change. It also allows you to go deeper into your transformational process. During the workshops, it is of course allowed to speak. A coach or our host is always available for you to speak with one on one, should you feel the need to.
Every morning we will start our day with a refreshing and energizing yoga session followed by a meditation session, leaving you feeling centered, grounded and clear of mind. After enjoying a beautiful breakfast together we will go into the life-changing workshops which are the heart of the retreat. You will also have free time to relax, enjoy the beautiful location or pool, to write, be in stillness, speak to one of the coaches or just be with yourself. In the evening we’ll break the silence and have a delicious and nutritious dinner together. In the evenings we will sit around a bonfire if possible and many people choose to have private sessions or massages.
After the five or six days, you will feel and look reborn. We will continue to guide you for 6 more weeks through email, sending you audio and PDF files for your home practice and to further support your journey. 
10 % of all of our participants have already joined us for a second or third time. Returning participants are always learning new things doing the same retreat, expanding their awareness and letting go of more of ‘the old’ every time. We also offer level two retreats for those who have fully embodied the teachings of the first and are ready to take their journey deeper and further.
Furthermore, we stay in touch with all of our participants who wish to, through Whatsapp and Facebook groups. Every retreat, we come in as strangers and leave as family. Our vision is to create a beautiful community of loving, brave and like-minded souls committed to being a better version of themselves, and so we also organize reunions and events for all “Inner Beauties” to reconnect with one another. 

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