Ibiza in the winter, it becomes more and more “hot” more restaurants stay open, airlines fly regulair and the weather is at least 10 degrees higher than in the rest of Europe. So take advantage as long as its payable and Ibiza is still Ibiza as we like it most.

If you like to create your own gathering and like to use ourĀ villas, contact us.

Ever wanted to be away from it all? Pull yourself together? spent some quality time? or do you want to get together with friends to reconnect? Having this special gathering on one of the most exotic, peace minded island in the world?

Welcome to Gazebo Mansion. A special place where you can leave your worries in the wind, get your negative energy washed away by the sea and make yourself happy!

A delicious timeĀ full of Yoga on the magical island of Ibiza!

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Unique energizing Self-Rehab retreats on Ibiza, to regrow and empower your original Self. Body Orientated Mindfulness is high impact Self-Empowerment to restore your Selfness in relationships and daily life.
Boost up your original Self, depleted by a wide range of attention asking emotional blockages, habits and addictions!