San Jose 60.000 m2 Land

On the 60.000 2m land for sale, you will be able to build your own dream house.
To give you an idea, we already made a virtual design. Should you be interested, we can make all adjustments you like and make sure this property will have your own signature.

San Jose (also known as San Joseph de la Talaia) is situated in the west of Ibiza. We love this village! It is small, cosy, and has several good restaurants and shops. Many beautiful houses are located in this area. The village is old. It really started with the church, which led to the growth of the population in the 17th century. Before that, people lived mainly in the area of San Antoni, but the locals thought this was a little too far to walk. And who can blame them!

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The village is small and certainly not spectacular, but very cozy. You can see how the older inhabitants still live here. The area does not have much new construction, even around San Jose, which means it has retained its authenticity. The parish church of Sant Jose is, by the way, a beautiful church to visit, if you would like to take part in some cultural activity. Unfortunately, many of the original works of art have been damaged or destroyed during the civil war of 1936. 

You will probably drive through this town at some point, but do take the time to have some lunch or dinner here or to drink a coffee, or build a house on your own land that is not too far away from the town.  please contact us for more information

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