Our aim is to help you to create a healthy lifestyle practising yoga, meditation and eating food in a beautiful environment.  Situated in one of the most enchanting and peaceful spots in the south of the island. This is a place for people who love beauty, yoga and tranquility.

You can enjoy delicious Mediterranean-inspired vegetarian meals, created using fresh, local ingredients.  
Your free time can be for lounging by the pool, snoozing in a hammock with a good book, receiving a deeply relaxing Thai yoga massage, or have a crystal chakra balance therapy.

Pamper yourself and return home renewed from the inside

Ibiza in the winter, it becomes more and more "hot" more restaurants stay open, airlines fly regular and the weather is at least 10 degrees higher than in the rest of Europe. So take advantage as long as its payable and Ibiza is still Ibiza as we like it most.

If you like to create your own gathering and like to use our villas, please contact us.